Writing Workshops

Fundamentals of Research Paper Writing Workshop 

In this course, students will learn how to write a research question, find credible sources, read and annotate articles, create an outline, and write a thesis. This course will be extremely beneficial to students in their high school and college careers. It is highly recommended that high school graduates enroll in this course the summer before their freshman year of college. The course consists of four, weekly one-hour courses. Students will write an actual research paper during the course and will be provided with weekly feedback.

Middle School Writing Workshop

This workshop is meant to supplement a middle school language arts course. It is appropriate for students going into sixth grade, as well as sixth and seventh graders. Students will learn how to write strong body paragraphs, expand their ideas, and master the five paragraph essay. Most importantly, students will learn to write about literature. Students will have weekly reading and writing assignments utilizing the novel Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jiang. This workshop will meet once a week for sixteen weeks. Each workshop group will consist of two or three students to ensure individualized attention and feedback.