All services can be offered at the Admission Ignition Office in South Miami, Florida or via Skype.

Writing Skills Coaching

Writing is an essential skill that a person needs to succeed in school and in life. One-on-one writing sessions help students build strong writing skills to increase their preparation for writing at the university level. Instilling a student with the confidence as well as organizational and analytical skills is crucial to his or her success as a student and a writer. While writing skills are necessary for success in any academic environment, they are not always taught or prioritized in the classroom. The best way to improve one’s writing skills is through one-on-one instruction, and teachers often do not have enough time available to provide individualized writing instruction. Admission Ignition offers personalized writing instruction as a supplemental resource and learning tool to help students improve their writing skills, which will increase their success across all academic subjects.

Since I am a recent college graduate and graduated from high school a decade ago, I have the knowledge of what types of writing skills are necessary to succeed as a college student. I have familiarity with the types of papers that students will be assigned at the college level; and therefore, I am able to identify weaknesses in my students’ writing and fill in the gaps that they are missing. Additionally, since I work with students at all grade levels, I see the assignments that students are getting from different schools at different grade levels. Furthermore, I am aware of which writing skills and conventions they should master at each grade level in order to excel in the subsequent grade levels. My knowledge and experience empowers me to ensure that my students will never be behind; rather, they will always be one step ahead.

Writing skills coaching focuses on skill building—NOT tutoring. The following skills are prioritized:

  • Backing up claims with evidence and elaborating
  • Introducing quotes and outside sources
  • Analyzing and unpacking quotes
  • Writing clear and effective topic and concluding sentences
  • Utilizing proper grammar and punctuation
  • Using appropriate transition words and phrases
  • Increasing writing ease and fluency
  • Reading outside sources and stringing them together to formulate an original argument
  • Developing thesis statements
  • Writing effective introductory paragraphs
  • Finding relevant and appropriate scholarly sources for research papers

Age-Specific Assignments:

Elementary School: FSA Writing, book reports, summer reading reports

Middle School: Five paragraph essays, FSA Writing, Mini Qs, summer reading reports

High School: Research papers, IB extended essays, AP Capstone Papers

Organizational Skills Coaching helps students manage their time effectively by teaching them to prioritize assignments, make to-do lists, and create study plans for exams and projects. They will learn to utilize modern technology such as reminders, Google Calendar, and iCal to keep track of all assignments and plan ahead to meet deadlines. These time management skills will translate to a student’s professional life after graduation. Finally, students can request organizational assistance with notebooks and binders to better keep track of their materials.

Study Skills Coaching helps students learn how to study for exams more efficiently. Students will learn how to get the most out of their reading materials by utilizing color-coded highlighting. They will also learn to properly utilize all parts of a textbook as to take good notes.

Job and Internship Search Coaching helps students stand out by demonstrating their unique qualities and experiences in the application process. Admission Ignition offers assistance with resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation.