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Although I have already graduated from college, I have never forgotten about how stressful high school and the college admissions process were for me. I want to help adolescents through this incredibly difficult time, as guiding others through stressful times is something that I am passionate about and find deeply fulfilling.

The extremely high level of stress experienced by high school students has always piqued my interest. During my high school years, I was deeply concerned about the high level of competition and stress surrounding the college application process. I attended a conference at Stanford University given by an organization called Stressed-Out-Students, which has since evolved into an incredible organization called Challenge Success. At this conference, I learned about how to address the high level of stress and psychological issues (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicide, etc.) brought on by the college application process. I was trained along with a team of faculty and administrators from my school in creating a healthier environment for students at school, characterized by a definition of success that relies upon qualitative factors such as integrity, creativity and resilience, rather than a quantitative one dependent on grades, trophies and test scores.

It seems only natural to me to have a business helping students become more college-ready. I believe that it is never too early to develop strong writing and organizational skills; these skills are fundamental to success both in college and life. The better writing and organizational skills a student has, the better grades he or she will earn, and the more successful his or her college application process will be. This is the concept behind the name Admission Ignition. Contact me today and let me rev’ up your future!

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