Displayed behind Leah is the “Wall of Fame” at the Admission Ignition office, which includes screenshots of text messages and emails from students sharing their acceptances and gratitude.

Testimonials related to the admissions process:

“Leah worked tirelessly to help her students craft meaningful–and powerful–college personal essays. She has a true gift for building relationships and making her students feel comfortable and in control throughout the daunting college process. She is warm, thoughtful, and the perfect mentor.”

–Former Site Director, Let’s Get Ready Manhattan

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Leah during the college application process. From the first day together, Leah created a scheduled plan to ensure that my essays for each school were finalized and proofread ahead of their deadlines. Her organizational skills, professionalism, and heartwarming personality cultivated an environment where I felt comfortable working on my personal essays. Leah helped me brainstorm how to make each college essay unique, offered her constructive criticism, and ensured that my voice shined through my writing. Every student feels overwhelmed when embarking on the college application process, but working with Leah released me of any stress or anxiety. I could not thank Leah enough for her time and dedication! I would not be where I am today without her.”

–Student, Duke University Class of 2024

“I was extremely fortunate to have worked with Leah on preparing my personal statement for graduate school in social work. At first glance, the task seemed quite daunting, but with Leah’s guidance, assistance, and support, it became a manageable, even enjoyable undertaking. One of Leah’s many strengths is that she begins by organizing the writing task rather than jumping right in; we began by first articulating our goals and deadlines, then brainstorming thoughts and ideas to answer specific questions, and finally constructing a cohesive and cogent argument that transitioned into a well thought out statement.

Leah’s professionalism is outstanding. She is responsive to questions and requests, provides timely feedback, and offers constructive criticism in a gentle and encouraging manner. Her goal is to not only enhance her students’ technical writing, but also to build their confidence and sense of accomplishment. With Leah’s help, I have been accepted to Ivy League and other top tier programs. Leah was instrumental in getting me started on a successful career path in clinical social work.”

–Student, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work Class of 2017

“Through Leah’s depth of knowledge and enthusiasm, she made a road to college an interesting and fun experience. That’s very hard to do! Leah has superior writing techniques, which helped me turn my essay into a masterpiece. I appreciate her boundless patience and encouragement. Leah genuinely cared about my essay and my college preparation process. If it wasn’t for her amazing writing techniques I wouldn’t be attending my dream school.”

–Student, Marist College Class of 2017

“I have never encountered someone as professional and hard working as Leah.  Starting the college application process was very hectic, but as soon as I got to work with Leah, she found the time to help me streamline and organize the whole application process. When it came time to finally write the essays, she really dedicated her time in helping me brainstorm the ideas that came to define my essays. If it were not for her help, I do not think I would have ended up as far as I am now. “

– Student, Harvard University Class of 2021

“The comfortable and supportive atmosphere made it less intimidating to write about extremely emotional topics in a way that made sense to others and myself. Not only did Leah help me write some of my best college essays, but she also became someone I now consider a close friend. Leah supports me in all of my goals.”

–Student, Florida International University Class of 2020

“Truthfully, I do not have any idea where I’d be without Leah. She taught me not only how to write a killer college essay, but also valuable skills like how to compose a proper email to a professional, how to simply write what I would say and how to organize my thoughts. Working with her was something I looked forward to in my week, as it was a time to make even more progress on my college applications as well as a time for me to write out my thoughts. Leah made a process scarier than life itself, easy.”

–Student, Bucknell University Class of 2020

“Leah made the college application process more efficient and less stressful for my family and me. She really gets to know you and makes you feel at ease during this stressful time in your life.”

–Student, University of Florida Class of 2020

“Working with Leah was amazing! She helped me to stay organized, on task, and extremely confident throughout this process. If I ever panicked or experienced writer’s block, she quickly provided direction without changing my idea or message. Leah genuinely cared about my success and tirelessly worked to ensure that I was happy with my final products. I could not be more grateful!”

–Student, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2021

“I loved every moment of working with Leah. She really helped me put into words what I was trying to convey in my admission essays. She also helped me become an overall better writer. I used to struggle trying to convey emotion in my writing, and after my time with Leah, I’m now coming away with an ability to connect all my ideas into a smooth and strong essay.”

–Student, University of Florida, Class of 2021

“My son is really enjoying working with you! I can’t believe how much progress he has made thanks to you! I LOVE the way you organize the college application process and how you work. It is such a relief for my husband and I as well as my son. I am so grateful that you were recommended to us! We will highly recommend you to others!”

–Parent, Williams College Class of 2020

“My daughter told me that hiring you to work with her on college essays is the best thing I’ve ever done!”

–Parent, University of Maryland Class of 2020

“Leah is not only a very professional individual but has excellent people skills, making the students comfortable with her.  My daughter was delighted to have met her and they are now good friends as well.  As a parent, the process was seamless and took a lot of stress off my hands.  A+ work.”

–Parent, New York University Class of 2021

“I have just read [my son’s] essay and I wanted to thank you for the help you gave him. His essay reflects exactly who he is, shows vulnerability and also underlines the few challenges he has encountered. I feel that you have contributed to the way he organized his ideas and also with grammar & vocabulary, but it still demonstrates his own style.”
-Parent of High School Senior

“Leah made the process of creating and polishing the personal essay and individual college essays easy and straight forward. She responded promptly and fastidiously with an ease of creation and editing. Her fees were reasonable and she did not hesitate to work with parents and other professionals. I gave her a 10/10 in all categories.”

–Parent, Wesleyan University Class of 2020

“One of the things I like the most about Leah’s program is that she takes the time to get to know the student and help them direct their thoughts so that they can design an essay that really shows off their strengths.”

–Parent, Cornell University Class of 2020

“Working with Admission Ignition was a wonderful experience. Leah and my son developed a great working relationship and it allowed me (the parent) to “relax” about the stressful college essay process. Leah gave my son confidence and enthusiasm with writing his college essays. Before meeting Leah, my son procrastinated on starting his college essays. Admission Ignition gave him a structured process and set reasonable deadlines to meet. I will use Leah to assist my other two sons with their college essays. It was a pleasure working with her. Extremely professional.”

–Parent, New York University Class of 2019

“I want to thank you again for making the college application process so smooth, [my son] recognized your expertise right away and was eager to work with you, you helped him write great college essays. I am also happy that he worked with you because he will use what he learned from you in college. I am so grateful.”
–Parent, Villanova University Class of 2020


Testimonials related to writing and organizational skills coaching:


“Leah has truly improved my writing and grammar in only two months. With Leah you can truly see the difference in your writing– she takes you step by step with mini lessons, which will quickly show you how to catch your mistakes in your writing and grammar. When I entered high school, the writing load grew significantly, but with Leah’s help it was easy for me to keep up because she not only teaches you proper grammar but also how to turn your ideas into writing and organize them. The planning methods Leah has taught me go further beyond writing and into everyday life. She is also a joy to work with and always has a positive and motivating attitude that makes her tutoring sessions fun and exciting. Thanks to Leah I feel more comfortable and secure with my writing in high school because of how well she prepared me for it.”

–High School Freshman

“A few months after working with you I started receiving the highest grades on in class writing assignments, and I got moved to Honors English the following year. You taught me how to approach all of the assignments and organize my ideas.”

–High School Sophomore

“I felt super confident about the FSA writing section. I had a great outline and used everything I learned from our sessions to write a great essay that I was really proud of.”

–Eighth Grade Student

“My son told me he learned more from you in the few sessions he had than he did all last year!”

–Mother of Seventh Grader

“Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job helping my son with his research paper. The best thing you accomplished is that you engaged him, you got him interested, and he learned a ton. He enjoys going to you, and that is huge.”

–Parent, Indiana University Class of 2020

“As a mother of a college-bound senior, working with Leah has been very refreshing. It has been a wonderful experience for me since I don’t have to battle the constant reminders and nagging to attend her sessions, he actually loves to attend his classes and looks forward to his next meeting. Leah’s ability in teaching  and providing organizational skills has proven to be a very valuable tool for my son.”

–Parent, Oglethorpe University Class of 2019

“I met Leah at the Barnard Writing Center, a peer-to-peer tutoring center that focuses on advancing college-level writing skills. Leah’s essays in all disciplines, whether English Literature, Political Science, or Psychology were always well-written, thought provoking, insightful. I was impressed by her unique way of distilling her complex ideas into simple language that readers can understand and appreciate. She is a strong writer who is dedicating to improving her writing skills and perfecting each piece of her writing through her comprehensive and diligent revisions. Her warm personality made her a pleasure to work with, and I learned so much both from her organized writing style and her reflective editing process.”

–-Barnard College Writing Fellow

“Leah has the uncanny ability to analyze a student’s writing and find ways to improve it – technically and content-wise. She is excellent at explaining concepts and ideas to students, and guiding them toward an excellent finished product!”

–Robin Wolfe, College Admissions Counselor

“Leah brings an intense passion to everything she undertakes. Her ability to listen well and synthesize information makes her perfectly suited to working with students.”

–Maureen Brown, Executive Director, Challenge Success, Stanford University Graduate School of Education