Leah is available to give presentations to groups of students and parents, schools, non-profit organizations, and PTAs. The following presentations are available:

Organizational Skills

In this one-hour presentation, students will learn how to utilize an agenda, plan ahead for long-term assignments, and break down studying into manageable chunks. The ultimate goal of this workshop is to equip students with strong study habits and time management skills for the future. This presentation is appropriate for students of any age.

Supplemental Essays and Time Management

In this 1.5-hour presentation, students will acquire the time management skills necessary to excel in the college application process. After I explain the different types of supplemental essays required by various colleges and universities, students will put time management skills into practice. They will estimate the time it will take them to complete these supplemental essays, identify free time in their schedules, and create an action plan with self-imposed deadlines to ensure that they submit all of their applications on time. This presentation is appropriate for high school juniors and seniors.

College Essays 101

In this one-hour presentation, I will give an informational overview of what is required from the Common Application Essay as well as supplemental essays from the colleges. Parents will leave feeling more informed about what their sons/daughters will be going through in the fall of their senior year and therefore will be better equipped to understand and support them in the college application process. This presentation is appropriate for both students and parents.