College Admission Essays

Admissions Essay Coaching:

Admissions essay coaching includes all aspects of the college essay, such as brainstorming, creating an outline, and editing. This service can be offered in person or through Skype. I work with students at any part of the process–I can help them brainstorm a topic, create an outline, and edit the final draft, or I can solely provide final edits to an existing essay. However, I believe that the best result is achieved when I work with students on their essays from start to finish. I like to engage in dialogue with my students and ask them questions about their passions, values, and interests. The ideas for essays usually come from these conversations. I type up our entire conversation, and the content for essays is often pulled from these notes. I understand that many of my students are better at articulating their ideas than writing them, so this is a helpful method.

Essay Master List: The Essay Master List organizes your essay prompts for you. It presents the essay topics (including the word limits for each) and deadlines for every school in an organized way. Color-coding is used so that it is evident when the same essay can be used for multiple schools.

An example looks like this:


School # of Essays Essay Topics Word Limit Deadline Common App?
Marist College 1 CA, 1 Supp Why do you think Marist is a good match for you? 250 11/1 ED #1, 11/15 EA, 2/1 ED #2 & RD Yes
High Point University
1 CA, 1 Supp, 2 optional, 1 optional resume upload
Why do you want to attend High Point University? 50
11/1 ED #1, 11/14 EA, 2/1 ED #2, 3/15 RD
Optional: Describe any meaningful travel experiences (both national and international). 50
Optional: Describe any special interests or hobbies that you may have. 50
Optional resume upload. 500 kb
American University
1 CA, 2 Optional Supps
Based on your knowledge of American University, what would it mean to you to call yourself an AU Eagle? 100
11/10 ED #1, 1/10 ED #2 & RD
Describe a time when you changed your opinion about an issue. What led you to hold this opinion in the first place and what led you to change your views? 100


Timeline: Your timeline is personally customized to fit your schools and deadlines. The information is presented in three columns: session date, in-session plan, and action items. I will organize all of your information for you and set deadlines so that you complete all of your applications on time!

An example looks like this:

Session Date In-Session Plan Action Items
8/19 Review Amherst supplement and extracurricular supplement, brainstorm Georgetown Essays Brown Community Essay, and Why Brown Essay, Revisions to Amherst and extracurricular supplement
8/20 Review “Why Brown” essay, brainstorm Georgetown essays Revisions to Why Brown, Write Georgetown Essays
8/27 Review revisions to Brown, review Georgetown essays, brainstorm Williams essay Revisions to Georgetown essays, write Williams essay
9/3 Review revisions to Georgetown essays, review Williams essay, brainstorm FSU essay Write FSU essay, revisions to Williams essay
9/10 Review revisions to Williams essay, Review FSU essay, brainstorm Tufts essays Revisions to FSU essays, Write Tufts Essays
9/17 Review revisions to FSU essays, Review Tufts essays, Brainstorm American essays Revisions to Tufts essays, Write American Essays
9/24 Review revisions to Tufts essays, Review American essays, brainstorm GW essays Revisions to American essays, write GW essays
10/1 Review revisions to American essays, Review GW essays, Revisions to GW essays, Write BC essay
10/8 Review revisions to GW essays and BC essay
10/15 Tie up anything necessary
10/22 Tie up anything necessary

Admission Ignition also offers boot camps for the “Why Us” essay.